The Cottage:

The Cottage:

Code Green was engaged to create, design and construct a cottage that resembled a traditional style cottage with modern materials.


Our team provided a complete, end-to-end solution for the clients:


Consultation, Design, Construction: Code Green carried out the complete package from consultation to construction. Code Green who worked closely with the clients to develop a design that was able to be built efficiently, while also minimising waste.

Design Realisation: Inventing ways in which the designs on paper can be built in reality.

Construction: Working with our team of skilled tradespeople to deliver the level of finish for which we are renowned.

Project Management: Total oversight and management of the project, completing it on time and within budget.



The design brief was to design and build a cottage that resembled a traditional sandstone cottage. The client initially envisaged a timber cottage but due to fortuitous circumstances with a nearby site excavating boulders that were ear marked and destined for landfill we were able to have the oversized boulders delivered to site for recycling and reuse. The sandstone boulders were meticulously hand cut and shaped into manageable sizes in order to create enough sandstone blocks for the construction of the home and the remaining offcuts were used in the landscaping.

The building does indeed achieve the appearance of a relic from the past: a traditional sandstone building set in a picturesque bushland setting. Inside flows a light and open floor plan, seamlessly interconnecting the kitchen, lounge and bedroom. Topping it all off, most literally, is a classic roof design created via a separation between the dual roofs; one achieved via a weatherboard trim linking the weatherboard gabled ends; ensuring that the appearance of the metal roof didn’t overwhelm the mystique of the sandstone.

A deliberate passive solar design concept was used to achieve and exceeded the BASIX compliance and has garnered an esteemed 8.5+ star NatHERS rating, thus ensuring the creation of a reliable, top-performing dwelling. Cross ventilation is an extremely important consideration in building design, especially in the instance of natural stand stone style buildings. As the orientation of The Cottage was fixed facing south. The internal design was created with an opposing orientation in consideration of comfort levels. Windows were strategically located to allow for ultimate cross ventilation performance. The Cottage boasts natural thermal properties from the natural sandstone, but include ceiling fans to circulate the airflow in summer which also eliminates the mosquitos.

Every building material utilised in the cottage was used with an eye toward eco efficiency. The roof was insulated with R2.3 Anticon roof matt, while additional insulation was installed between the rafters to increase the insulation to R4. The selection of glass on this project was critical, we selected high performance Low E glazing for all the windows and doors, thus ensuring maximum thermal performance from all the windows.

The floor was a concrete slab built over an insulated polystyrene base that provided and insulative barrier between the natural earth and the concrete slab, allowing for natural temperature balance. The natural sandstone is an extremely dense stone, and able to withstand the effects of acid rain and other natural corrosive substances, and is tough enough to endure repetitive freeze and thaw cycles.

This structure was built to endure just about any weather conditions. A perimeter awning was installed around the dwelling, including the large carport; which acts as additional protection from the afternoon sun flowing inward from the west, to allow for year-round external entertainment and activities regardless of the weather.

A fire place was added to provide additional heat in winter, enough to heat the entire dwelling. The joy in saving the sandstone boulders from being used in landfill and to bringing them back to life through the use of old hand-crafted techniques passed onto our staff was extremely rewarding for all involved.

The cottage was built on time and to budget.



Project Details: The Cottage

Location: Sydney
Assignment: Consultation, Design, Construction and Total Project Management
Team Size: Six
Duration: Sixteen weeks



Winner – (BDAA) Building Designers Association of Australia – National Design Award for Granny Flat open price range

Winner – (MBA) Master Builders Association – Excellence in Construction Award for Design & Construct under $1M

Winner – (HIA) Housing Industry Association – Custom built home under $1M