Silkari Hotel

Silkari Hotel

Designer Constructions (the former incarnation of Code Green) was engaged to build a 5-star hotel foyer for the Silkari Hotel in Chatswood. Our team was engaged to carry out the works to ensure a high level of finish, as would be expected in such a prestigious establishment.

Our team provided a complete, end-to-end solution for the clients:

Concept Design Consultation: we worked with the design team to develop a design that was able to be built efficiently, while also minimising waste.
Design Realisation: Inventing ways in which the designs on paper can be built in reality.
Construction: Working with our team of skilled tradespeople to deliver the level of finish for which we are renowned.
Project Management: Total oversight and management of the project, completing it on time and within budget.

Our team leader worked in conjunction with our stonemason to personally select the marble for the feature wall and reception counter – the most critical design element of the room. The pattern flows seamlessly between each piece, allowing the final results to speak for themselves.

Our team also designed and developed a system to suspend over 100 metal tubes from the mirrored ceiling which wrapped around the front counter as the main feature. This system was fabricated from steel, with the length of the tubes varying from three to six meters, allowing them to provide the illusion of contouring to the wall. We also devised a way in which to wrap 12.4 kilometres of silver rope around all of these tubes, and then finish them with handmade stainless steel caps, providing a signature foyer feature for the Silkari Hotel.

Project Details: Silkari Hotel

Location: Chatswood, Sydney
Assignment: Consultation, Construction and Total Project Management
Team Size: Twelve
Duration: Four weeks