B’Lo New York: Celebrity Super Club

B’Lo New York: Celebrity Super Club

B’Lo was the second of New York’s Celebrity Super Clubs that Chris was invited to design and fit-out, to host hundreds of the hottest parties in the wildest city on earth.

Designing one of New York’s Club of the Year nominees was an early project for Designer Constructions (now Code Green).

  • The entire interior landscape was custom-made and fabricated on-site.
  • The bar itself, which featured tiered waves around the bar face, was also constructed in stainless steel on-site.
  • Bland, square concrete support structures were transformed into opulent, curved columns.
  • Lighting effects within the club and at the entrance were of high priority to the owners – as a result, thousands of fibre optic cables were installed to create a wall of stars.


Project Detail

Location: 230W, 19th Street Manhattan, New York

Assignment: Design enhancements and construction

Team Size: Eight

Duration: Five Weeks