Curry House: Building the dream

Curry House: Building the dream

The Curry House: Building the dream

Designer Constructions (now Code Green) was engaged to turn a dream design by Turner & Associates into a tangible reality. The resulting home was a finalist at the 2009 HIA Awards.

  • The path leading to the entrance of the inner city house used large flat sandstone slices surrounded by narrow water channels containing black pebbles and tiny Rasp fish to create the illusion of walking on water
  • The existing rear garden bed was emptied and converted into an idyllic contemporary water feature
  • The rainwater tank was hidden beneath the water feature
  • Custom-made glass sheeting was installed on the roof to increase light flow throughout the two-storey property
  • Handcrafted furniture was created to complement the interior design concepts

Project Detail

Location: Sydney
Assignment: Construction and Project Management
Team Size: Four
Duration: Seven Weeks