Dorsia was Designer Constructions first New York Club construction. We were employed by the New York based architects to construct Dorsia based on their concept. We became heavily involved in the detail of the design resulting in many changes being made, helping ensure their concept was made a reality.

Getting the building works completed on time was a major priority as the opening party had been scheduled for Halloween. Celebrities had already been given invites to the opening party, meaning the bar design and construction had to be completed within three weeks.

Dorsia was to have an ostentatious Moroccan theme, with the main challenge of the build being the highly reflective ceiling. We sourced a new Latex product from France that had to be installed whilst the room was filled with heat using two industrial heat turbines. The extreme heat made the Latex malleable and stretchable – once the product was completely installed, the turbines were switched off. Once the room was back to normal temperature the material shrank and created an incredibly reflective effect.

A tapering Keyhole entranceway was constructed leading into the main room filled with Moroccan fabrics and colour tones. We created the centrepiece of the club which was an illuminated runway duplicating a model’s catwalk.

The club was finished within 3 weeks and the project was delivered on time and on budget.

Dorsia has hosted parties for major celebrities such as Justin Timberlake, Snoop Dog, Puff Daddy and many others.

Since the opening, Dorsia was nominated for New York Club of the Year.


Project Detail

Location: 5E, 19th street Manhattan, New York
Assignment:Design, Construction and total project management
Team Size: Eight
Duration: Three Weeks