Missing Middle SEQ

Missing Middle SEQ


Published in: // NEWS // 04.09.2017

The judges said: This project, although motivated from traditional terrace housing ideas, succeeds in pushing the boundaries with green roofs and walls which provide both real and psychological cooling impacts in a suburban setting


Our design has been created with the central philosophy being affordability and deliverability as this acknowledges the diversity of local neighbourhoods and the wider community. In addition, sustainable design principles have been incorporated into the design as is evident by the selection of the western side aspect as it takes advantage of sunlight which is utilising the natural environment. This has socioeconomic advantages. Sustainability itself is three fold with social, economic and environmental benefits. Given the focus on increased energy costs by people within community’s, concentration needs to be placed on alternate energy sources which includes solar technology.

The goals of affordability and deliverability are also achievable by utilising the design principle of the outside perimeter walls being the only permanent structural component of each terrace. This design element results in each structure being self-supporting, which enables the respective residents of the terraces to have the capacity to be flexible in relation to the internal design specifications and layouts, which gives each purchaser the opportunity to buy from the developer a property that is considerate of differing wants, and needs, as well as the socioeconomic and sociocultural demographics of the potential residents of the terraces. In practise our terraces have been designed with the budgetary capacity and the possible access requirements of the residents in mind.


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