10 Reasons to Love a Green Roof

10 Reasons to Love a Green Roof

Take a look at the environmental, aesthetic, economical and even structural benefits of a ‘living roof’

Green roofs have been around for hundreds of years, contrary to popular misconception that they’re a recent fad, yet recent advances in their execution mean that they are quicker to install, lighter in weight and more robust.

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This means that instead of the rainwater flowing straight off the roof, down the downpipe and into our waterways, the rainwater is absorbed by the plants and soil; which automatically reduces the flow rate of the water into our stormwater systems. Even better, if a rainwater tank is installed then the tank is filled first, before the water flows into the stormwater system.

DID YOU KNOW? Green roofs also help to purify this water. The rainwater flows through the plant and substrate layers before reaching the drain; toxins like zinc and copper sulphate remain in the substrate and out of the water.

In densely developed areas, green roofs can reduce the heat island effect by removing heat-conducting roof surfaces like concrete or brick, and replacing them with heat-absorbing ‘living’ layers that also provide shade for the hot air.

You don’t need government-funded research or a team of scientists to work out that people would prefer to look out at a garden rather then a plain rooftop. I’ve seen the natural, mood-boosting benefits firsthand when installing greenery around office spaces, whether it be a green roof or a vertical garden – it’s an instant attraction to their work space and environment.

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